Tutorial: Operación de redes IPv6

May 4, 2020, 14:00 - 14:50

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Tutorial: IPv6 Network Operation

This tutorial will address the main topics related to the operation of IPv6 networks in the current context of IPv4 exhaustion. It will provide the persons interested in deploying IPv6 on their networks and beginning to operate in IPv6 the information and tools they need to do so: characteristics of IPv6 addresses, requirements for publishing IPv6 prefixes via BGP, how users can limit their use of IPv4 addresses, and the best ways to implement the transition to the new protocol.

Among others, the webinar will cover the following:

IP address plans

Publishing IPv6 prefixes: considerations and practical information

“Modern” transition mechanisms: NAT64, 464XLAT, SIIT-DC, DS-Lite/lw4over6 and MAP-E/MAP-T. IPv4aaS.


Jorge Cano

Uesley Correa

Alejandro Acosta