Tutorial: Secure routing

May 7, 2020, 15:00 - 15:50

Tutorial: Secure routing

This tutorial will provide an overview of the latest tools and best practices in Internet routing security. Specifically, it will provide information on route-leaks and route hijacking, as well as other problems that affect the BGP, analyzing the tools that operators can use to solve them.

Among others, the tutorial will address the following topics:

An introduction to current Internet routing issues and ways to secure the BGP.

Best practices for network operators and Internet exchange points. MANRS.

BGP: how to control what we announce and receive. Filtering by prefix, by as-path, communities.

RPKI: creation of ROAs, use, validation with the FORT validator.

IRR: route(6) equivalence with ROAs, AS-SET, examples of utilization.

UP-DOWN in RPKI and the possibility of having our own CA. 


Mariela Rocha

Erika Vega

Guillermo Cicileo



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